Analog Hardware Design





Loudspeaker design and selection:  Selection of Voice coil, suspension, cone and magnetic material and how the required fundamental parameters of the loudspeaker can be achieved.

Loudspeaker system design:  Selection of appropriate loudspeakers and the design of active and/or passive crossover networks for the system.

Microphone selection:  Great familiarity with electret and dynamic microphones as well as specialized transducers used in high temperature and high sound pressure applications.

Microphone preamplifiers:  Design and construction of extremely low noise microphone preamps from discreet semiconductors or low noise operational amplifiers.  Design experience for both low impedance dynamic elements as well as higher impedance electret microphones.

Power amplifiers:  Design and construction of discreet semiconductor or integrated circuit amplifiers.  Amplifier design  for driving loudspeakers, shakers and motors.  Linear and Pulse Width Modulated design experience.

Analog signal processing design:  Linear processing such as low pass, high pass and band pass circuits. Non-linear processing such as RMS, log and anti-log converters and transconductance multipliers.  Generators for noise, square, sine and triangle waveforms.   Low noise design capability for audio signals.

Conversion design:  Low noise high speed analog to digital and digital to analog conversion experience. This includes power high power output converters. Transconductance amplifiers and thermister conversion design capability.



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