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Applied Signal Processing, Inc. was formed in January of 2001. A group of employees from Digisonix, LLC formed the company. Digisonix, LLC, was a world leader in the development and commercialization of adaptive digital signal processing (ADSP) technology as applied to both active control and communications. Digisonix, LLC was a wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins Engine Company and operated as part of the Filtration and Acoustics Business Unit of Cummins.


Over the last twenty years, over $30 million dollars have been invested in the development of Active Control Technology and Digital Voice Enhancement products by Digisonix. Active sound and vibration control uses a cancellation wave to control sound and vibration waves. The Digital Voice Enhancement technology enhances passenger-to-passenger voice communication in vehicles. Digisonix has 43 granted patents in these fields. Cummins decided that Digisonix did not fit within the strategic focus of the company. Cummins sold the physical assets and access to the technology portfolio to Applied Signal Processing, Inc.



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